• Cast iron pipes do not last forever

    Pipes which look like this constitute a risk of water damage. Contact us and we will be happy to help...

  • Quality is of the utmost importance.

    With Relino Rör as a contractor you are guaranteed a solid plumbing and heating (VVS) system...

  • Pipe lining saves both time and money.

    Relining pipes involves time efficiency and immense reduction in transportation...

  • Planning and documentation pursuant to ABT-06.

    Everyone benefits from information on what we do and how we execute our contract and we document our work with films and reports.

Relining or changing pipes?

A traditional change of pipes involves an extensive operation in the property in which the walls and floor of the kitchen and bathroom are torn down, in some cases an unavoidable measure. We carry out a traditional change of pipes in conjunction with renovating the bathroom and/or kitchen on one floor or the entire property. However, our guiding principle is to never demolish the old pipes as this creates hazardous waste and a hefty deposition bill. We create a small recess in a corner of the bathroom or hallway to draw the new stack pipes. We place new pipes and set new wells in the bathroom which are necessary for the bathroom to be classified as a wet room. The result- new pipes in a simple and cost-efficient manner. Are you interested to provide our technology on your market, contact us.

Is the sewage system built into the construction of the property?

If your property is constructed with the sewage system built into the walls and the floor, changing the system can be an expensive and complicated procedure. Relining means that the old pipes can remain and the inside is covered with strong, glass-fibre reinforced polyester plastic. This normally takes one working day per apartment and is convenient for the residents and causes minimal disruption. No construction dust or noise, smooth and comfortable. We are looking for licenspartners all over Europe.

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