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Environment and quality

Our personnel are qualified within both resin plastic management and fire protection. We use durable and resistant plastic during relining. The work method which we have mastered does not result in any hazardous waste and the resin plastic is non-flammable and can be disposed of at any waste station.

We believe in ”detoxicated construction” and do not use any chemicals which exceed their limit values. Our implementation method is one which meets the requirements you as a property owner impose on a craftsmanship company which is commissioned for carrying out work in apartments. We are dedicated and observant of the needs which arise during this type of maintenance work in a property and all our personnel have been trained to adopt an open and friendly approach towards the residents in the apartments.

Sometimes a traditional change of pipes can become necessary in conjunction with renovating the bathroom in a building or on one particular floor. Relino has qualified plumbing and heating (VVS) engineers and cooperates with tile-fitters who are certified in wet rooms. We can commit to a design and build contract even when a traditional change of pipes is necessary. We have experienced and qualified construction engineers with 35 years of experience.

Avgifta byggandet (Detoxicate construction) is a collective project between the Swedish Property Federation, the Swedish Association of Municipal Housing Companies (SABO), The Co-operative Housing Organization (Riksbyggen), HSB, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR), the National Property Board, The Swedish Homeowners Association, the Swedish Union of Tenants and the Swedish Transport Administration. Its objective is to reduce the utilisation of substances which are injurious to health and pollute the environment within the construction sector.
The project has devised a list of ten toxic substances which all have one or several detrimental effects on people. By making use of the best possible choice and not exceeding the established limit values we are taking a leap forward towards a non-toxic environment which is one of the fifteen national goals of the Parliament for a sustainable society.