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We clean the sewage system with cleaning tools which remove all the deposits and rust which has built-up over the years so that the metal surface is as smooth and as clean as possible. The cleaning tools can be adjusted to attain maximum efficiency, while ensuring that the most brittle parts of the pipe are tended to.

We continue by coating the interior of the pipe with a strong, glass-fibre reinforced polyester plastic in several coating stages. Polyester is resistant to the wear and tear which occurs inside a sewage pipe and is also resistant to chemicals. It ensures a durable surface which lasts at least as long as a new factory-made pipe which is installed during a traditional change of pipes.

We monitor the entire work process through film cameras, simultaneously documenting the pipe system and the final result.

We adhere to the current legislation for contractors, ABT06 (General Conditions of Contract for Building, Civil Engineering and Installation Work performed on a package deal basis) which stipulate a 10 year guarantee.

Do you have rusty and leaking sewage pipes? We can carry out repairs in the event of, for example, cracks or rust holes in your sewage pipes. A new pipe is manufactured and mounted internally over the damaged area, the new pipe is completely self-supporting and has a service life corresponding to a new factory-made pipe.

Information meeting
We will start by informing property owner representatives and then all tenants about what will take place in the property. We will present a timetable and answer any possible questions at a general meeting. We are responsible for providing all information to tenants during the course of the work.

Cleaning of existing sewage pipe
When we enter an apartment we cover the floor with paper and we continue by unscrewing the toilet seat and water seal under the hand sink and kitchen sink. The sewage pipe is cleaned by a milling tool so that the pipe is as clean as possible internally, we inspect the result with a camera to ensure that the correct quality is attained. The residents of the apartment do not need to relocate during the course of the work and no waste or dust is created as a result of the work.

Inspection film/assessment
We use small video cameras with LED lighting to inspect and assess the interior of the sewage system. Everything is documented on film and if we come across a damaged part of the pipe we use glass-fibre to strengthen that specific part.

New coating
When the system is clean and has dried we coat the inside of the pipe with a glass-fibre reinforced polyester plastic. When the plastic is a couple of mm thick we form a long-term, resistant and durable surface which is also resistant to chemicals.

The new coating seamlessly provides a renovated sewage system. This without having to carry out any extreme operations and without tearing down the old pipes. We document by filming the entire system, this documentation is delivered to the purchaser at the end of the work.