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The Company

Relino AB’s principal owner is Gabrielsson Invest AB. GIAB’s operations cover property, industry and commerce and services.

Our offices are in Sweden, but we span across all regions where our customers are located all over Europe.

Our objective is to always be the best value for money choice on the market. Quality and environmental consideration are key for every staff member and all our personnel have been trained in our environmental policy.

We have qualified plumbing and heating engineers (VVS) who are also competent in the traditional changing of pipes and we collaborate with companies who are certified within the wet room field. We carry out contracts for bathroom renovation, changing of pipes and relining or a combination of these when this is the most efficient solution for a property.

Our relining method is tried and tested and originates from the oil and defence industry where it has been developed over a long period of time. Our tools were used to coat the interior of pipes and beams of our U-boats manufactured in Malmö which are used within the defence in Sweden and in other countries. Based on this venture we further developed the technology and created new tools for smoother and better results, within the framework of efficient time management.

We lay the foundations for flexibility for the property owner to be able to renovate pipes without having to tear down existing kitchens and bathrooms or to carry out a traditional change of pipes along with bathroom renovation in the entire property or in the apartments which require it.

We offer a well-functioning solution, one which suits both the entire property as well as individual apartments or for emergency point repairs.

We ensure that your old pipes become as good as new, either by relining or a change of pipes.